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As many of you know, the founder and owner of Baton Twirling Unlimited, Susan Orr has passed away.  Her family, friends and the twirling world will miss her energy, enthusiasm and her passion for sharing her love of baton twirling. 

Susan's former student, Jacinda Pettice Miller, will take over Susan Orr's Baton Twirling Unlimited.  You can read more about Jacinda's background by clicking here.  Questions, comments and orders can be made via the website or by contacting Jacinda.  Contact information is below:

Jacinda Pettice Miller


Congratulations to our Fantastic Twirlers!

Want to learn twirling but not near Indianapolis?

Susan has created instructional DVDs from Beginner - Advanced

Now you can master new twirls at your own pace and at your own place!

Need a baton that will help your performance?  No rolling on the ground?  No slipping in your hands?

Light-weight Angel Baton     Center-Grip Heart Baton