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Enthusiasm!  Energy!  Excitement!  Susan Orr has a passion for Baton Twirling!  Her childhood love for performing, competing and teaching the neighborhood to twirl, has evolved through the years into a full-time commitment.  Susan graduated from Indiana University with a high school teaching degree, but quickly combined that with the opening of an instructional center where children from ages 4-24, eagerly learned the sport of baton twirling.  In 1981, Susan published BATON TWIRLING UNLIMITED, a 268 page book, detailing the intricacies of twirling, strutting, even fire baton.  Susan is an NBTA accredited coach and judge who has worked throughout the United States, England and Western Europe.  The National Baton Twirling Association honored Susan in 2003, by inducting her into the Hall of Fame.  And in 2004, Susan completed her most exciting twirling task yet.  BATON TWIRLING UNLIMITED on DVD!  Three volumes that teach the magical secrets of her amazing sport!  Susan wants to teach the world to twirl!  In 2005, Susan introduced performance-enhancing batons!  The HEART BATON will help each twirler become even better by avoiding slips and drops. The ANGEL BATON is the lightest baton available, and perfectly balanced. Perfect for speed and highest aerials.  The HEART BATON and ANGEL BATON are truly state of the art!

National Baton Twirling Association

Hall of Fame Induction

Honoring Susan Dailey Orr

August 2003

Ceremony Held at Notre Dame University

Don Sartell, Founder and Director

of the National Baton Twirling Association

with new inductee into the

Hall of Fame, Susan Orr 


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