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"I have greatly enjoyed your DVD's - Especially how you made your instructions fun and easy.  This will be so much easier and visual to teach my 5 year old daughter."

- Amanda, United Kingdom


"I have just purchased Volume II DVD and wish I had done it 9 months ago.  My granddaughter's coach left to have a baby and Emma has been unable to move forward.  This DVD seemed to bring her back into the swing!"

- Twirling Grandmother, Scotland


"I thought your DVD's were absolutely fantastic.  After watching them, I started putting a training programme together for my class.  It's been in place for five months now, and the improvement in the girls' twirling is unbelievable.  It's not just the twirling, it's also their body posture and marching.  It's not just helped the girls, it has also helped me as a teacher."

- Lisa Fraser, United Kingdom


"I just received my DVD's and they are awesome!  Wow, the girls are just out of this world.  After viewing the advanced DVD, I feel that I have found the missing piece of the puzzle for all of those spectacular tricks!"

- Carol Talley, Georgia


"I have sent several people to your website and they have ordered your videos.  Those teachers think they are the most wonderful videos they have seen.  Fantastic job on your part.  At least with them ordering your videos, we know their kids are learning proper technique."  

 - Mary Molder, Tennessee


"Thanks very much for making these videos, I have been searching for a lifetime for this kind of thing."  

 - Glenn Shannon, California


Susan Orr's Baton Twirling Unlimited on DVD!!  Click to order online.

  • Volume I - "You Can Lead the Parade!" - $29.77
  • Volume II - "Power-Up Your Performance!" - $39.77
  • Volume III - "Secrets of the Champions!" - $49.77

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Behind the scenes with Baton Twirling Unlimited's DVD production

This has been an incredible year for Baton Twirling Unlimited.  In order to inspire and encourage children to become more involved in the artistic sport of twirling, Susan Orr decided to take her company in an entirely new direction.  Video!  Susan planned and developed three different volumes of DVD’s to teach each different ability level – beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Lots of hard work, but great fun!

The first step in creating these professional instructional twirling videos was to select an outstanding production company.  Omni Productions of Carmel, Indiana proved to be the perfect choice.  With their expertise and years of experience, Winston Long and his staff provided valuable guidance as the video evolved through its various stages.  The first footage was shot at the Indiana State Championship in November and more was added as the months went by. 

The most intense weekend of taping was held in March, when twirlers from age 6-23 were asked to participate in the video. The production crew, make-up and wardrobe personnel, as well as the talent came together to teach the world to twirl. The girls felt like movie stars as their hair and make-up was perfectly arranged by Miss Candy.  As they entered the gym, it didn’t look much like a competition.  The camera was standing in the center circle, the TV monitor was close by, the sound equipment was at the ready and the  lights were brilliant.  There was no audience except the crew.  And they really were super as they made everyone feel very comfortable.  First came the beginner volume, so those twirlers needed to demonstrate the fundamentals starting with the parts of a baton, marching, basic wrist twirls and thumb flips.  Next came the intermediate volume, which emphasized more finger twirls, rolls and different aerials.  And finally, the advanced volume, which really “kicked things up a notch”.  Eight of the top twirlers in the U.S. were invited to teach and to perform their favorite twirls for the camera.  And were they fabulous!  Tierney Brown, Merriebeth Cox, JJ Irwin, Kelli Montgomery, Katie Noland, Diana Reed, Alyssa Spencer and Christy Stallings were absolutely amazing as they shared their talent.  Low flip series, flats, spectacular aerials and complex roll series highlighted the teaching segment.  Then we all had “goose bumps” as these outstanding ladies thrilled us with their solo and show routines!

After shooting for 20 hours that weekend, the video “wrapped” and everyone was ready to party.  The twirlers had created something really special and now they want to share it with you! You can become the best you can be!  Baton twirlers everywhere now have a way to really learn new tricks and techniques by watching more advanced twirlers as they explain and demonstrate the most popular twirls.  Coaches now have a video library to use for lesson plans or for more precise detailing of tricks.  The twirling world is ready to advance.  The possibilities are truly unlimited, Baton Twirling Unlimited, that is!!

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